Fauda star and wounded IDF soldier declares, ‘The world must know this is a just war’

‘We found tunnels and weapons everywhere we went, in homes, school bags.’

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Idan Amedi, the singer and star of the Netflix series “Fauda” who is recovering from severe injuries he received while serving in Gaza said Israelis should continue to explain that Israel’s campaign against Hamas is a just war.

He said, “We found tunnels and weapons everywhere we went, in homes, school bags. It is important that the world knows this.”

Amedi was serving in the Combat Engineering Corps reserves in Gaza when an accidental explosion was set off, killing six soldiers and injuring Amedi and others.

Amedi said, “I was burned to the point that no one recognized me. Shrapnel pierced my neck and spine, and I am lucky that none of it hit any main blood vessels.”

He  added, “I also have broken bones, including fingers, but I know I will get back to playing guitar and hopefully, I will be able to be in ‘Fauda’ season five,” he said.

Amedi expressed the desire to continue to fight and gave a hopeful message of endurance.

“If God gives me strength, I will return to fight for my country,” he said.

“Israelis are the strongest in the world. United, we are undefeatable. It will take time but we will win this war, we have no other choice.”

Idan Amedi spent the initial days of his hospitalization in an intensive care unit, but made a quick recovery and is undergoing physical and psychological rehabilitation in an outpatient setting.

“I look forward to being able to pick my kids,” he said.

He mentioned that after seeing the conditions in Gaza and in the tunnels, the freeing of hostages should be the top priority.

“Israel has many tools and kinds of leverage to deal with the hostage issue. I think not everything has been done yet,” Amedi said.

As a commander, Amedi says he is pained that feels responsible for the fact that not all of his soldiers came home safely.

“This will stay with me my whole life. One day I will be able to talk about it,” he said.

“People tell me I am a hero and symbol, but I am just one of everyone. If there is one good thing that happened from my injuries, it is that I can be an ambassador for those who have also been injured,” Amedi said.

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“It’s important to let them have space to express their pain, both physical and emotional. It will take a long time for them to heal, so please accept them with understanding,” he said.