FBI arrests white supremacist who vowed to kill politicians

New York man threatened the “Jew senator from Jew York,” an apparent reference to Chuck Schumer.

By Paul Shindman, World Israel News

On Tuesday, the New York justice officials announced that the FBI arrested New York City resident Brian Maiorana, 54, for posting threats on social media “threatening to kill and ordering others to kill protestors, politicians and law enforcement in retaliation for the 2020 U.S. Presidential Electio,” according to the Justice Department.

“Maiorana was a rabid white supremacist and anti-Semite,” tweeted Rita Katz, Director of SITE Intelligence Group, noting the suspect had posted “the Turner Diaries must come to life,” referring to a popular novel “in which race war in America leads to extermination of non-whites and other enemies.”

Katz is the director of a think tank that tracks white supremacists and tweeted Thursday that Maiorana was arrested for threatening mass killings because of President Trump’s election loss. She said Maiorana “longed for a violent ‘white strike’ inside America.”

In a federal court hearing that was held remotely, Maiorana was ordered held without bail. Prosecutors told the judge that officers found a firearm in his Staten Island home in violation of a ban on his owning a weapons due to his status as a registered sex offender following a sexual assault conviction in Pennsylvania in 2007, the AP reported.

“The Department of Justice will not stand idly by when people like the defendant allegedly threaten to kill elected officials, lawful protesters and law enforcement simply because of animus towards the outcome of an election,” Acting United States Attorney Seth DuCharme said in a statement issued by the DA’s office. “Americans have a constitutional right to voice their opinions, but this Office will not tolerate violence or threats of violence used to intimidate others with whom they disagree.”

Although court papers did not name any specific politicians threatened directly by Maiorana, they showed in at least one posting he wrote, “As the Jew Senator from Jew York said nothing is off the table … We blow up the FBI building for real,” which was a reference to Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer of New York.

Maiorana is alleged to have posted a message Sunday that said: “All right thinking people need to hit the streets while these scumbags are celebrating and start blowing them away.”

A separate posting said, “The carnage needs to come in the form of extermination of anyone that claims to be democrat … as well as their family members.”