Fighting breaks out on Israel’s northern border

Terrorists in Lebanon attack IDF forces with mortars, sparking fears Hezbollah could join Hamas’ war on Israel.

By World Israel News Staff

Arab terrorists operating out of southern Lebanon attack Israeli soldiers stationed on Har Dov Sunday morning, firing mortars at IDF positions on the strategic high-ground on the northwestern edge of the Golan Heights.

The Lebanon-based terrorist group Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the mortar fire.

Israeli forces retaliated with an artillery barrage targeting the terrorist cell, and a drone strike against “Hezbollah infrastructure.”

The IDF’s Home Front Command instructed residents of the surrounding area to seek shelter and to remain there until further notice.

The incident has sparked concerns that Hezbollah could open up a new front against Israel, joining Hamas and other Gaza terror groups’ ongoing war against the Jewish state.

The mortar attack comes a day after Gaza terrorists launched a massive assault on Israel, firing thousands of rockets towards central and southern Israel, while invading the Gaza envelope area and seizing control of Israeli border towns.

Six towns were completely overrun with several more subjected to terrorist infiltrations, with Hamas and Islamic Jihad gunmen seizing residents and holding them hostage for hours.

Dozens of civilians were taken captive and carried off to the Gaza Strip, along with a number of IDF soldiers.

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A number of IDF positions, including the Re’im army base and the Erez crossing, were overwhelmed by terrorists, with entire garrisons slaughtered.

The death toll from the rocket attacks and the invasion currently stands at over 300, with 1,864 Israelis wounded in the attacks.

Gaza terrorists resumed their rocket attacks on Israel just before dawn Sunday morning, after a 90-minute lull.

Hamas claimed that it fired some 6,000 projectiles at Israel since the attacks began at approximately 6:45 a.m. Saturday, while the IDF said it detected 3,500 rocket launches.

The unprecedented attacks into Israeli territory led to a rare display of unity among Israeli leaders, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu inviting Opposition Leader Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid) and former Defense Minister Benny Gantz (National Unity) to form an emergency unity government.

Both leaders, along with other members of the Opposition, vowed to put aside their differences with the government and to support its efforts to defeat the Hamas terrorist organization.

“It is time to come together,” said former Justice Minister Gideon Sa’ar (National Unity) , “to bring Israel to victory in this war that has been forced upon it.”