Groundbreaking documentary unveils the truth behind Israeli settlements

Prepare to be blown away by the groundbreaking documentary that will challenge everything the mainstream media tells you about ‘illegal Israeli settlements’.

“Settling The Facts: A Deeper Look At Israeli Settlements” is a trailblazing film that will take you on an eye-opening journey unlike any other.

This film will take you on a riveting exploration, unveiling the human stories behind the controversial term ‘settler,’ shattering misconceptions and revealing the truth.

Led by the dynamic British businessman and avid Israel supporter, Roger Walters (yes, not Waters!), this documentary sets out to redefine the narrative. Prepare to meet individuals who defy stereotypes, humanizing the very people often deemed radical and fanatic.

Featuring a diverse range of voices, from international law experts to historians to activists spanning the entire spectrum of opinion, including Palestinians who work within the settlements and support the growth of ties.

As the credits roll, you’ll find yourself pondering a profound question: Could settlements be the missing puzzle piece for achieving true peace?

Get ready to have your mind expanded and your perceptions challenged as “Settling The Facts” leaves an indelible mark on your journey of understanding.