Hamas burned Israeli baby in oven and tore apart pregnant mother, emergency workers reveal

In horrifying twist reminiscent of the Holocaust, first responder reveals that an Israeli baby was burned in a kitchen oven by terrorists during October 7th invasion.

By David Rosenberg, World Israel News

An Israeli baby from one of the kibbutzim near the Gaza frontier was burnt in a kitchen oven by Hamas terrorists during their invasion of Israel on October 7th, a first responder has revealed.

According to testimony from Asher Moskowitz, a volunteer emergency responder with United Hatzalah, an infant killed after Hamas terrorists overran the town of Kfar Aza on the morning of October 7th was shoved into an oven and burnt.

In a video statement, Moskowitz said that he was volunteering at the Shura army base in central Israel, working to identify bodies being brought from towns in southwest Israel.

Dozens of Israelis murdered by Gaza terrorists were torched – either before or after they died.

In at least one instance, however, Moskowitz said, the burnt remains of an infant were found to have the telltale marks of being pressed up against a heating element, signaling that the child had been put into an oven.

“They took the baby and put them, literally, in a kitchen oven,” Moskowitz said.

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The interview, recorded by United Hatzalah, was later published by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

“The body hardened and, unfortunately, appeared to have also swollen,” he said. “And really, the heating element of the oven was on the body itself.”

The founder and president of United Hatzalah, Eli Beer, confirmed that the child had been found in an oven in Kfar Aza.

Speaking to the Republican Jewish Coalition over the weekend, Beer also described the gruesome mutilation and murder of a pregnant woman and her unborn child.

“We saw a little baby in an oven. These bastards put these babies in an oven and put on the oven. We found the kid a few hours later.”

“There was a woman who was…four months pregnant.”

“They came into her house, in front of her kids, they opened up her stomach… took out tye baby and stabbed the little tiny baby in front of her and then shot her in front of her family. Then they killed the rest of the kids.”

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“These are not regular enemies.”