Hamas family members are being smuggled into Egypt – report

An Egyptian official declared that ‘even one Palestinian refugee’ across its border may end Egypt’s decades-old peace treaty with Israel.

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Although Egypt has insisted it won’t accept Palestinian refugees from Gaza, a few have been able to make the passage, namely, the relatives of Hamas leaders.

When the IDF began discussing plans to operate in Rafah, Egypt warned that a massive influx of Gazans into Egypt to escape the war could threaten the peace between Egypt and Israel.

In early February, an Egyptian official told Israel HaYom that “even one Palestinian refugee” across its border may end or suspend Egypt’s decades-old peace treaty with Israel.

However, some Gazans are finding their way into Egypt either by being smuggled into the country or having enough money to pay for the passage.

The cost for a Palestinian to find refuge in Egypt is $6,000 to $7,000 per person, and the relatives of Hamas leaders, unlike Gazan civilians, have ample funds to cover this cost.

However, some don’t even need to pay because they have been smuggled into Egypt.

According to N12, the nephews and nieces of October 7th mastermind Yahya Sinwar have been led across the border.

Also, the two children of Hamas police spokesman, Ayman al-Batanji escaped into Egypt and some speculate that al-Batanji himself may have made the journey.

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The four children of  Hamas political bureau member Sameh Elsraj are reportedly in Egypt, although Elsraj hasn’t been accounted for since the beginning of the war and is believed to have been killed.

Senior Hamas official Akil Alhindi and the daughter of the Hamas health minister were also mentioned.

There was speculation that Yahya Sinwar himself had escaped through the Gaza tunnels into Egypt using hostages as human shields.

However, this rumor was debunked when the IDF entered a Gazan tunnel that Sinwar had apparently vacated shortly before the troops arrived.

In late February the IDF presented Egypt with a plan outlining the procedure for evacuating Gazan civilians prior to their Rafah operation to prevent a spillover of Palestinian refugees into Egypt.