Hamas hoarding 200,000 gallons of fuel, US officials confirm

While the world turns to Israel to supply Gaza with fuel here is what Hamas is doing with it.

By The Algemeiner Staff

Hamas terrorists are keeping over 200,000 gallons of fuel for rockets and electricity used to power its network of underground tunnels as dozens of Gaza hospitals are struggling to maintain power, according to a report Wednesday by NBC News.

The revelation, which cited senior US officials, is the most recent independent corroboration of Israeli claims that Hamas hoards fuel as a matter of policy. Israeli officials have also provided evidence that Hamas had stolen fuel supplies from the UN in the opening days of the war.

The report comes as hospitals across Gaza are being forced to shut down or reduce medical procedures due to critically low levels of fuel.

Gaza’s Health Ministry, which is run by Hamas, declared last week that it is in a “state of complete collapse,” with at least six hospitals shutting down due to a lack of fuel.

UN agencies have said that they are critically low on fuel supplies used to power electrical generators at hospitals and desalination facilities. The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), which is the largest humanitarian actor in Gaza, said that it would have to halt operations on Wednesday for want of fuel.

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International bodies including the United Nations and the World Health Organization have repeatedly demanded that Israel implement an immediate ceasefire to allow humanitarian aid, including fuel, into Gaza.