Hamas massacres were fueled by drug smuggled in from Europe

Terrorists who rampaged through Israeli towns on October 7th were under the influence of ‘Captagon,’ dubbed the ‘poor man’s cocaine.’

By World Israel News Staff

A powerful and highly addictive drug smuggled into the Middle East from Europe via Turkey was used by Gaza terrorists to fuel their invasion of Israel and massacre of Jews in towns across the frontier, Israel’s Channel 12 reported Thursday.

According to the report, and evidence provided by HaKol Hayehudi reporter Elchanan Gruner, Captagon pills were found on the bodies of terrorists shot and killed in Israeli towns overrun during the October 7th invasion.

In some cases, the terrorists were found to have carried in with them bags filled with the amphetamine stimulant, hinting at the large-scale use – and potentially the terrorists’ plans for extended need for the drug.

Dubbed the “poor man’s cocaine,” Captagon, one of the brand names for fenethylline, was developed in the 1950s and early 1960s as psychostimulant.

Like cocaine, the drug can induce hyperactivity, and it is believed the terrorists used the drug to remain awake during the invasion and subsequent battles with Israeli forces sent to retake southwestern Israel.

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The drug also suppresses appetite and enables users to remain alert and physically active for extended periods of time.

ISIS terrorists have in the past utilized the drug during attacks, allowing them to operate without food or sleep, and overcoming anxiety and the fear of dying. The drug is said to offer users a feeling of euphoria, lowering users’ inhibitions.

In recent years, the drug has spread to the Gaza Strip, as production of the drug has spread from Europe to the Middle East, with Syria’s Assad regime accused of manufacturing and exporting the drug with the assistance of the Hezbollah terrorist organization.