Hamas panics over Rafah operation, refuses to mention IDF’s release of hostages

The Hamas statement discusses only civilian casualties without acknowledging the large number of terrorists among the dead. 

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

A statement released by Hamas on Monday demonstrated an extreme state of panic over the IDF’s campaign in Rafah but with no mention of the liberation of two captives in an overnight mission.

The statement discusses only civilian casualties without acknowledging the large number of terrorists among the dead.

The Hamas statement said, “The Nazi occupation army’s attack on the city of Rafah last night, and its horrific massacres against defenseless civilians and helpless children, women, and elderly who have so far lost their lives over a hundred times, is considered a continuation of the people’s genocide and forced displacement attempts… being carried out against our Palestinian people.”

It continued, “The American government and President Biden bear full responsibility for this massacre, due to the green light they gave to Netanyahu yesterday and the explicit support they provide him with money, weapons, and political cover for the continuation of the people’s genocide and massacre.”

Reports have demonstrated how Hamas Health Ministry distorts the number of civilian casualties and even the numbers they publish are often contradictory.

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In addition, the Hamas Health Ministry was found to have underreported the number of males who are killed in Gaza and exaggerate casualties among women and children.

Overnight, the IDF successfully completed a mission to free Fernando Simon Marman (60) and Norberto Louis Har (70), both dual Argentinian and Israeli citizens, were abducted from their homes in kibbutz Nir Yitzchak by Hamas terrorists on October 7th.

DF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari described the dramatic rescue of two Israeli hostages from Rafah in a dangerous overnight mission.

Hagari said, “Last night, we brought Louis and Fernando home in a joint rescue operation by the IDF, the Israel Security Agency, and the Yamam – the special forces unit of the Israel Police.”

The special forces breached a building and on the second floor, the two hostages were guarded by three terrorists as well as terrorists in adjacent building who were armed.

Protecting the bodies of the hostages with their own, the special forces, accompanied by aerial bombardments, were able to fight off the terrorists and rescue the captives.