Hamas preparing ‘surprises’ for next war with Israel

UAV surveillance, more accurate rocket launches, and abductions of Israeli civilians and soldiers expected in next Gaza-Israel clash.

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

Gaza-based terror group Hamas is preparing numerous “surprises” for the next round of conflict with Israel, according to a recent report from the Jerusalem Center for Public and State Affairs.

During a recent meeting in Cairo, Egyptian security officials told Israeli intelligence that Hamas is developing a number of new strategies and offensive that the Jewish State has not seen in previous wars.

“The next round of fighting will be the most dangerous of the four major rounds of fighting [between Hamas and Israel] so far…the new rockets will hit sensitive security areas that have not been hit before,” JCPSA quoted a Hamas source as saying.

Ground invasions into Israel by Hamas operatives via the Mediterranean, abductions of Israeli civilians and soldiers, and more precise rocket fire aided by UAV surveillance are some of the potential attacks that the Jewish State may see in a future clash.

Iran is reportedly “pouring drones” into the hands of terror groups in Gaza, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

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Egyptian daily Al-Rabi al-Jadid reported that Egypt’s top security brass warned Israel that utilizing UAVs for intelligence gathering and attacks are now part of Hamas’ agenda.

Earlier this month, Hamas launched an experimental UAV that was seen soaring through the sky in southern Israel for nearly 40 minutes before being destroyed by the IDF.

Security sources in Israel believe that Hamas is working to increase the range of its rockets, which typically strike Gaza-adjacent Jewish communities in Israel’s south, to hit more targets in the country’s north.

Hamas is also working to hone its accuracy when firing rockets and may look to destroy Israeli infrastructure, such as oil and gas rigs in the Mediterranean Sea.

During the May 2021 Operation Guardian of the Walls clash, a rocket fired from Gaza struck an apartment building in Ramat Gan, a Tel Aviv suburb, killing a disabled man.

The attack marked the first time that an Israeli was killed by a Gaza-launched rocket in the Gush Dan (central Tel Aviv) region.


Tobias Siegal contributed to this report.