Hamas repurposed construction materials from Germany to make terror tunnels – report

This occurred despite regulations in place that were intended to prevent the misuse of aid. 

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Construction materials sent as aid to the Gaza Strip were repurposed to construct terror tunnels and rockets, according to a German report.

The German network ARD published a report concluding that it was “reasonable” to suppose that materials intended as humanitarian aid to assist the building of Gaza were used for terrorist purposes. 

This occurred despite regulations in place that were intended to prevent the misuse of aid.

Kan reported that Hamas found a “dual use” for pipes, sewer rings, steel, and cement.

ARD launched the report based on 150 pages of files released by the Federal Office for Economic Cooperation (BMZ), obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, which were discussed with experts for civil projects as well as rocket-building.

Johann Hochler, a weapons technician at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich, told ARD, “If you aren’t planning a high-quality rocket, any reasonably strong steel tube will work.”

Robert Schmucker, a retired professor from the Technical University of Munich, tested Hama rockets and discovered that they were likely constructed from converted water pipes.

In addition, there is some indication that the foundation of the tunnel network used by Hamas may have been a sewage system built by German companies.

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A German government company GIZ (Association for International Cooperation) was involved in hydraulic engineering in Gaza and with German Bank KFW financed construction projects in Gaza amounting to tens of millions of euros.

Jan Loking, from the Liebeck University of Technology, after watching a video of a Hamas tunnel, told ARD, “You don’t just build a tunnel like this. These are components used in the construction of sewage canals and it is clear that the exits from the tunnels are sewer canal shafts.”

Loking added that elements in the tunnels seem similar to those used in buildings and said, “Perhaps they were misused.”

In the report, GIZ, KFW, and other German companies said they implemented strict monitoring and controls on materials and that there were “no indication” of materials in Gaza going missing from construction sites.