Hezbollah anti-tank missile kills Israeli mother and son in their home

The IDF responded by hitting Hezbollah targets including a command center and terrorist infrastructure.

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Anti-tank fire from southern Lebanon struck a home in the northern Israeli town of Kiryat Yuval Sunday afternoon. killing a member of the local emergency response team, Barak Ayalon (48) and his mother Mira (76) in their home.

Barak Ayalon was found dead at the scene and his mother Mira, who sustained serious injuries, was transported by helicopter to a hospital before she succumbed to her injuries.

In addition, a man in his mid-seventies was treated for acute anxiety resulting from the terror attacks.

After the passing of Barak Ayalon was announced, a statement was released, “It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of  Barak Ayalon, a member of the alert squad who fell while defending the community.”

The statement continued, “We, members of the alert squad, and the town’s management and the council bow our heads in sorrow. A separate announcement will be made about the date of the funeral,”

In addition to the attack on Kiryat Yuval, the terror group also fired missiles into the northern towns Zar’it and Shomer.

The IDF responded by hitting Hezbollah targets including a command center and terrorist infrastructure.

Hezbollah responded with more strikes, but they landed in open fields in Misgav Am and Goren.

Last weekend, Hezbollah fired its most intense missile attack against Israel since October 7th.

Hezbollah fired 40 rockets that set off alerts in 90 Israeli communities.

According to a Hezbollah statement, the attack was a response to the killing of Hamas terror chief Saleh al-Arouri in Lebanon.

Although Hezbollah boasted of significant Israeli casualties and injuries, there were no reports of people killed or wounded in the attacks.

Many of the missiles were aimed at Mount Meron, which houses a military radar station in northern Israel.

In response, the IDF hit a terror cell in Lebanon where many of the rockets were launched.

The IDF reported striking targets in Ayta ash-Shab, Yaroun, and Ramyah which included missile launch areas, military centers, and terrorist infrastructure.