Hezbollah destroys IDF base in Western Galilee

Israeli army base in Western Galilee suffers heavy damage during terrorist shelling.

By World Israel News Staff

Hezbollah terrorists operating out of southern Lebanon pounded an Israeli army base in the Western Galilee Monday afternoon, causing heavy damage to the facility.

Terrorists armed with mortars and rockets opened fire on Biranit and the Arab-Israeli town of Arab al-Aramshe in the Western Galilee just after noon Monday, prompting emergency sirens in the area.

Footage taken from Birant – an abandoned kibbutz which was later converted into an army base – showed the facility suffered heavy damage in the barrage, with a number of buildings demolished and several active fires raging.

In response, Israeli Air Force attack helicopters struck Hezbollah positions outside of the village of Ayta ash Shab in southern Lebanon.

Earlier on Monday, terrorists in southern Lebanon fired mortars at multiple IDF positions along the border.

Hezbollah claimed responsibility for all of the border attacks Monday.

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No injuries were reported in the mortar and rocket attacks.

Following the attack on the Biranit base, at least two aerial infiltrations by unmanned aircraft were reported. Missile interceptors were launched, and one of the drones was confirmed as being shot down.

In addition to the attacks on Biranit and other IDF bases along the Lebanese border, at least 25 rocket and mortar attacks were reported in and around Kiryat Shemona and Margaliot in the Eastern Galilee. One drone attack was also reported in the area.

No injuries were reported, but one house in Margaliot was damaged.