Hezbollah: Israel has switched to ‘defensive doctrine’

A Lebanese official told Israeli journalists of apparent defensive measures taken by Israel near the Lebanese-Israeli border. 

During a field tour for journalists along the Lebanese-Israeli border on Thursday, an official from the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah said Israel has adopted a defensive strategy vis-a-vis the organization.

“For the first time in this enemy’s history, it’s switching from an offensive to a defensive doctrine,” the officer said.

The Lebanese officer briefed the media at the Ayta ash Shab village in southern Lebanon.

“We are now situated in the south of the village opposite Palestinian territory, which the Zionist enemy occupied,” he said, referring to the IDF’s previous presence in southern Lebanon, including during the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

The official mentioned various defensive precautions he said Israel has taken against a Hezbollah invasion.

“The enemy has taken a number of measures,” he claimed. “For the past year, (Israel) has begun to build fortifications, obstacles, and extensive means of defense that seem intended to prevent people from moving towards it.”

The officer referred to greenery on a slope of a mountain across the border, which he said the IDF removed to preclude infiltration of Hezbollah’s infantry.

“The slope was green one year ago, but for the past year the enemy has been working to rake it to create an open zone 1600 meters long and between 7 to 15 meters high,” he said.

“The goal is to prevent any infantry from advancing toward its positions and settlements,” he added. “The enemy assumes (Hezbollah) will use this area to penetrate into its settlements, but I do not agree with this.”

Senior Israeli officials have committed to ensuring Hezbollah has no access to advanced weaponry.

By: World Israel News Staff