Israeli Air Force attacks Gaza balloon bomb cell

The Israeli Air Force targeted Palestinian arson terrorists in Gaza Tuesday. 

By Aryeh Savir, World Israel News

An Israel Air Force (IAF) aircraft on Tuesday morning attacked a cell of Palestinian terrorists who were launching arson balloons towards Israel from the northern Gaza Strip.

This attack occurred as several bunches of balloons connected to suspicious objects, possibly explosive charges, landed at several points in Israeli territory surrounding the Strip.

“When Israeli children see balloons in the sky, it doesn’t bring joy, it brings fear. Terrorists in Gaza tie explosives to balloons and fly them into Israel,” the IDF tweeted Tuesday.

Tensions on Israel’s border with Gaza have become more strenuous in recent days, with the Palestinian-initiated violent incidents growing in volume and intensity.

Over 30 Palestinians were wounded by Israeli fire during a mass violent riot along the beach near the Israeli border on Monday evening, Gaza’s health ministry said.

The ruling Hamas terror group has been staging border riots and terror attacks for the past six months.

It has intensified the protests in recent weeks as Egyptian-mediated cease-fire efforts have faltered. Over the weekend, Israel halted Qatari-donated fuel shipments to Gaza’s power plant in response to the escalated violence.

While Israel has been working to ease tensions on the border and thwart a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, its leadership has warned that Hamas’ actions are leading the area towards a full-scale war.

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