IDF attacks Hamas target in response to rocket fired from Gaza

Israel destroyed a Hamas military position, following through with its vow to respond to any and all attacks emanating from Gaza.

An IDF tank shelled and destroyed a Hamas military position in Gaza on Monday shortly after Palestinian terrorists in Gaza fired a rocket at Israel’s civilian population as the nation celebrates the Sukkot holiday.

There were no Israeli casualties in the attack. The rocket set off alarms in the area, but exploded in an open area inside the Gaza Strip, causing no damage.

“The IDF holds Hamas responsible for any terror activity perpetrated against Israel from the Gaza Strip,” an IDF spokesman stated. “This rocket fire endangered Israelis and violated Israeli sovereignty.”

No organization claimed responsibility for the attack. A Jihadist group that supports the Islamic State (ISIS) has previously taken responsibility for similar attacks.

The border with Gaza has been fairly quiet in recent months. The last such incident occurred two month ago.

There have been several sporadic rocket and mortar attacks against civilian targets and IDF forces operating on the border. There were no injuries in any of those incidents.

Since Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014, there have been multiple rocket attacks from Gaza and over 60 rockets have exploded in Israeli territory.

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By: World Israel News Staff