IDF bombs Gaza terror targets in response to mortar fire

The IDF shelled terror targets in Gaza after mortars were launched at an IDF position on the border.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News

Palestinians on Thursday fired some 15 mortar shells at an IDF position situated on the border with Gaza, prompting the IDF to bomb terror targets inside Gaza.

No Israelis were injured in the attack.

In response, IDF tanks bombed four Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets inside Gaza.

While the Hamas terror group may have not carried out the attack, the IDF stated that it “views the Hamas terror group as responsible for all events that occur in Gaza,” as it rules the Gaza Strip.

In fear of a pending escalation, the ministry of defense temporarily ordered a halt to all train traffic in Gaza. Farmers working their fields adjacent to the border were told to abandon them.

Shortly before the mortar attack, a siren went off in the area surrounding the Gaza Strip. It proved to be a false alarm.

The IDF is on high alert on the border with Gaza in anticipation of a Palestinian attack.

The Israeli military estimates that the Islamic Jihad is planning an attack on the Jewish state following the IDF’s demolition of a Gaza terror tunnel a month ago. A total of 14 terrorists were killed in the aftermath of the tunnel collapse, including two senior Islamic Jihad field commanders. The terror group has vowed revenge.

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