IDF bombs Hezbollah positions near Damascus as US carries out airstrikes in Iraq

Israel and US bomb terrorist positions in Syria and Iraq.

By World Israel News Staff

Israeli warplanes struck multiple positions used by the Lebanon-based terrorist group Hezbollah in Syria Wednesday, ahead of a ceasefire with Hamas that Hezbollah has indicated it may join Thursday.

Syria’s Sham FM radio reported that Israel Air Force jets opened fire on targets in the Damascus area Wednesday, including striking two positions in the Sayyidah Zaynab area south of the capital.

The report claimed that the Assad regime’s air defense network opened fire on the Israeli warplanes.

No details were provided regarding casualties or damage.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights – an anti-Assad organization – said that the Israeli airstrikes targeted a Hezbollah compound and destroyed an electric generator and fuel stores.

A second airstrike hit a Hezbollah position near the Damascus International Airport, the Observatory reported.

Earlier on Wednesday, American aircraft struck terrorist positions in Iraq, in retaliation for attacks on bases used by American forces in the region.

Two sites were bombed early Wednesday morning, the U.S. Central Command said.

Both positions were used by Iranian-backed forces, and were targeted in response to attacks by “Iran and Iran-backed groups” on bases used by American forces.

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“The strikes were in direct response to the attacks against US and Coalition forces by Iran and Iran-backed groups,” U.S. Central Command tweeted, “including the one in Iraq on November 21, which involved use of close-range ballistic missiles.”