IDF continues strike in response to cross-border attack

The IAF keeps pressure on Hamas in response to explosives targeting IDF troops.

By: World Israel News Staff

In continuing retaliation for an explosive device planted along the Gaza border and detonated by an Israeli D-9 bulldozer, the Israel Air Force (IAF) fighters bombed a Hamas “terror target in a Hamas military compound”.

Hamas terrorists responded with machine gun fire but failed to hit their targets. IAF aircraft intercepted the terror cell, killing one terrorist and seriously wounding another.

Sirens were sounded in Israeli communities in the vicinity of the incident in response to the shooting. A house was hit and lightly damaged.

“The IDF holds Hamas accountable for all occurrences originating from Gaza and will respond firmly against all attempts to commit acts of terror towards Israeli civilians or IDF troops,” the IDF stated.

This incident occurred amid the daily violence on the Israel-Gaza borderorchestrated by Hamas, the Islamic terror group that rules the Gaza Strip and calls for Israel’s destruction.

Hamas has organized a series of protests at the border under the banner of the “March of the Return,” to continue until May 15, the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel, which the Palestinians observe as Nakba Day, meaning Day of Catastrophe.

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Over 31 Palestinians, mostly terrorists, have been killed in over two weeks of clashes.