IDF eliminates firebomber attacking troops in Hebron

Israeli security forces shot and killed a Palestinian throwing firebombs at soldiers.

By Associated Press

A Palestinian who had thrown firebombs at Israelis during violent riots in Hebron on Wednesday was eliminated by IDF troops on the scene.

This casualty represented the first death since tensions rose following the release of President Donald Trump’s Mideast plan, according to Palestinian officials.

The shooting came hours after Israel struck Hamas terror targets in Gaza in response to rocket fire toward Israeli communities overnight.

The Hebron firebomber was identified by the Palestinian health ministry as Mohammed al-Haddad, who joined a group of Palestinians in Hebron throwing firebombs and stones at Israeli forces.

Dozens of Palestinians have taken part in violent riots in Hebron in recent days.

The Palestinians have roundly rejected Trump’s Mideast proposal, consistent with their two-years-and-running boycott of the White House.

Rioters have burned U.S. and Israeli flags as well as posters of Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Israeli military said a soldier was wounded by a firebomb at one protest. It says it has instructed troops to “contain” the protests and not respond forcefully, concerned that Palestinian casualties would set off further violence.

In Gaza, the military targeted a Hamas weapons manufacturing site. There were no reports of casualties. The exchange comes amid an uptick in cross-border rocket and explosive balloon launches from the Hamas-controlled territory.

The Gaza Strip has been relatively calm in recent months as part of an informal truce between its Hamas rulers and Israel, but tension has increased since President Donald Trump unveiled his plan.

Following the latest rocket fire, the IDF said it viewed the incident with “great severity and is prepared for various scenarios.” It said the zone available for fishing off the coast of the Palestinian territory would be tightened from 15 nautical miles to 10 in response to the rocket fire and explosive balloons.