IDF strikes Hamas positions after rocket explodes in southern Israel

The rocket struck an open field in southern Israel on Saturday night.

By World Israel News Staff

A terrorist rocket from the Gaza Strip exploded in an open field on Saturday night. In response, the Israel Defense Forces attacked two Hamas positions in the Strip.

The Sha’ar Hanegev region said that the red alert sirens were not sounded given the location of the explosion in an open area. However, residents received a warning on their cell phones.

The IDF said it only identified one rocket. The Army holds Hamas, the terrorist-rulers of the Gaza Strip, responsible for all attacks coming from territory under its control. It therefore struck two Hamas positions in retaliation.

Of the three various terror groups in the Strip, none took responsibility for the attack.

The rocket launch continues an escalation of launches of various kinds from the Gaza Strip into Israel. In recent days, there has been an increase in balloon bombs coming from the Strip. They have been found disguised as soccer balls and books.

Children in a pre-school were frightened last Wednesday in a community in Israel’s south by the sight of a cluster of balloons floating above them.

The teacher, who ushered the kids into the bomb shelter told Kan 11 News:

“The children were playing in the yard. I saw in the sky a bunch of colorful and beautiful balloons and I told the aides to help get the children into the kindergarten. They immediately came in, and went straight to the bomb shelter.

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“There was no hysteria, we had a conversation and explained the differences between different balloons, when to approach them and when not to under no circumstances, even if the balloons look nice and carry our favorite cartoon characters.”