IDF identifies, eliminates snipers on Golan Heights

An IDF chopper fired a missile at a vehicle after a sniper attempt on the Golan Heights.

By World Israel News Staff

“IDF troops identified an attempted sniper attack in the northern Golan Heights area. In response, IDF troops targeted the vehicle involved in the attempted attack,” the Israeli Army reported on Monday afternoon.

A cell phone video of the attack shows an Israeli helicopter fire a missile across the border into a military buffer zone near Kuneitra. The missile struck a vehicle. Pictures emerged of the burnt-out car which the IDF said carried the snipers.

The number of injured or killed was not reported.

The car belonged to members of a militia loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Israel’s Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said of the sniper attack: “Even on election day our enemies try to harm us. This day too, as on every day, we will cut off the hands of the enemy and not allow them to interfere in our daily lives.”

“We will continue to provide security to the citizens of the State of Israel,” he said.

Last Friday, Sana, the Syrian News Agency, reported that Israeli Air Force helicopters attacked military targets in the country. Between one and three Syrian soldiers were killed, according to reports.

On Feb. 23, the IDF attacked Islamic Jihad targets near Damascus in an unusual move after around 30 rockets were fired at Israel by the terror group from the Gaza Strip.

The IDF said the Damascus suburb was used by Islamic Jihad to train terrrorist members “both from the Strip and on the northern front.”