IDF expands war into central Gaza’s Nuseirat district

The joint operation including, air force units and ground troops, was launched based on intelligence of terrorist infrastructure in the Nuseirat area. 

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

The IDF announced Thursday that it has launched a targeted operation against terrorist infrastructure in Gaza both above and below ground.

The focus was on Nuseirat, an area where ground troops have not yet operated during the current war.

On Wednesday night, the Israeli Air Force and 215th Artillery Regiment made preliminary strikes taking out dozens of terror targets including tunnel infrastructure.

The joint operation including air forces and ground troops was enacted based on intelligence of terrorist infrastructure in the Nuseirat area.

During the operation, Nahal troops said a terrorist gunman approached them and was eliminated in an airstrike.

Ground troops also located Hamas rocket launchers during the operation.

In addition, Israel’s navy carried out strikes along the coast to assist the ground and air operations.

On Monday, Israeli Air Force fighter jets attacked three Hamas rocket launchers embedded in the humanitarian zone in western Khan Yunis.

The rocket launchers had been used to fire at southern Israel throughout the war.

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No civilians were harmed during the operation, the army said.

The IDF emphasized that it confirmed that noncombatants were evacuated from the area before the precision strikes were conducted.

“This is another example of Hamas’ exploitation of humanitarian compounds and areas for its terrorist activities and its use of the civilian population as a human shield,” the IDF said.

These targeted operations are occurring following the IDF’s withdrawal of most of its troops from southern Gaza, with only one brigade remaining.

According to IDF sources, the IDF’s 98th Division has concluded its mission in Khan Yunis. The division left the Gaza Strip to recuperate and prepare for future operations.

A significant force led by the 162nd Division and the division’s Nahal Brigade continues to operate in the Gaza Strip, and will preserve the IDF’s freedom of action and its ability to conduct precise intelligence-based operations, the sources said.