IDF releases names of 3 deceased captive soldiers whose bodies are held by Hamas

The three victims are Sgt. Tomer Yaakov Achims, 20 years old, Sergeant Kirill Brodsky, 19 years old, and Sergeant Shaked Dahan, also 19 years old.

By World Israel News Staff

The IDF has released the names of three IDF soldiers who were captured on October 7th, died in captivity, and whose bodies are still being held by Hamas.

The three victims are Sgt. Tomer Yaakov Achims, 20 years old, Sergeant Kirill Brodsky, 19 years old, and Sergeant Shaked Dahan, also 19 years old. The announcement of their deaths was made after intelligence information was gathered and following consultation with a military rabbi.

The late Seargent Tomer Yaakov Achims, a liaison to the brigade commander, was from the town of Lehavim.

On hearing of his passing, the community of Lehavim delivered a statement, “The Lehavim community bows its head upon learning of the death of First Sergeant Tomer Yaakov Achims, son of Moshe and Anat. After many days of worry and anticipation, our hearts go out to the grieving family.”

The funeral will be held tomorrow (Wednesday) at 14:00 in the military burial site at Lehavim cemetery.

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Eli Barda, Mayor of Migdal Ha’emek, paid tribute to the late Shaked Dahan:
“The Migdal Ha’emek family is in pain and will mourn together with the Dahan family. We send them a comforting and supportive hug.”

Shaked was a fighter in the Armored Corps, 7th Brigade, “Oz” Battalion 77.

Barda continued, “On the cursed Sabbath” he fought with courage and bravery and was kidnapped by the murderous terrorist organization. He was a graduate of the Agricultural School “Khodori”, and loved to play the guitar, play football, root for Maccabi Haifa, and spend time with his parents, Shimon and Siglit, his brothers Omari, Eden, Tomer, Ido, and friends.

He concluded, “Shaked had an outstanding, noble soul, was modest, always ready to help and his love for the others and his country was evident.”

Kirill Brodsky’s family, who was vacationing from Spain on October 7th, hurriedly returned to Israel.

When they heard Kirill had been captured, they were hoping for the best.

His sister Alina described the ordeal “For almost two months we tried to hope and expect that everything is fine. We were at the headquarters of the abductees.”

She continued, “We were hoping, but today at nine in the morning the city officer came to inform us what happened – and that they set a funeral date. It was a shock for all of us.”

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The Brodsky family describes Kirill as a happy young man who always tried to find humor in every situation.

He attended Shimon Ben Zvi High School in Givatayim and dreamed of a military career.

His father Victor said, “A piece of my heart has been lost this morning.”

Alina explained that Kirill enrolled in the army in March and was insistent on a combat role, in spite of the family’s worry.

She said, “He did it even though we opposed it because we were afraid that what happened now was going to happen. He told his friends he was serving his country.”