IDF says key financier of Hamas terror killed in airstrike

Ferwana was one of the few money exchangers who was able to transfer to Hamas the amount of money needed for the fighting.

Vered Weiss, World Israel News

The IDF and Shin Bet announced on Tuesday that Subhi Ferwana, a terror financier in Gaza who transferred tens of millions of dollars to fund Hamas terror, was killed in an airstrike.

Ferwana and his brother used a currency exchange store in Gaza to launder money received from Iran and other major funders of terrorism.

The death of Ferwana in an airstrike in Rafah on Gaza’s southern border is likely to dramatically hurt Hamas’ long-term operations, since his funding efforts were essential for fueling the terrorist group.

According to a joint statement by Shin Bet and the IDF, “Ferwana was one of the few and prominent money exchangers who was able to transfer to the military wing of Hamas the amount of money needed for the fighting.”

The sheer amount and quality of Hamas’ military equipment was a key factor in making the October 7th massacre so destructive.

Outside funding was a key factor in arming Hamas terrorists, and economic warfare experts have stated that following the money is essential to stopping Hamas in the future.

Udi Levy, a former chief of Mossad’s economic warfare division said, “Everyone is talking about failures of intelligence on October 7, but no one is talking about the failure to stop the money.”

Israeli security officials recovered information from senior Hamas officials that proved the terrorist group had mining, chicken farming, and road-building operations in Sudan, two skyscrapers in the United Arab Emirates, a property development company in Algeria, and a Turkish real-estate firm, according to the report.

With the total value of the operations in the hundreds of millions of dollars, Israel’s security forces could have used these plans to find ways to block money to the terrorist group and sabotage its plans.