IDF soldier critically wounded during Palestinian rioting

A member of an elite IDF unit was critically hurt in the head by a cinder block or a large rock thrown by a Palestinian during an arrest in Ramallah. 

By: World Israel News Staff 

Palestinians critically wounded an IDF soldier when they threw a heavy object on his head from a roof or a window in Ramallah.
The attack on the soldier took place during a military operation in Ramallah carried out by the elite Duvdevan Unit aimed at arresting Palestinians wanted for suspected terrorist activities.
Rioting broke out during the operation and heavy objects were thrown at the IDF soldiers.
Apparently, the object that hit the head of the critically wounded soldier was a cinder block or a large rock.
The critically wounded soldier was sped to the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem.
Duvdevan completed the mission and arrested the wanted suspects.
It is not unusual for IDF troops to come under attack when they carry out routine patrols or enter Palestinian towns to arrest suspected terrorists.

Failed shooting attack

A Palestinian man armed with a pistol shot at Israeli security forces south of Jerusalem. He was arrested.

The armed man is a resident of the village of Beit Sahur, near Bethlehem. His shots were fired from Al-Khader a nearby neighborhood.

No IDF troops were hurt. However, the Palestinian needed medical treatment.