IDF soldier killed, 3 others injured in grenade accident

Grenade goes off after being brought into army barracks, killing soldier and injuring three others, including one currently in serious condition.

By World Israel News Staff

Four Israeli soldiers were injured, one fatally, in a grenade accident at an IDF base in the Jordan Valley overnight.

The incident occurred at around midnight between Saturday and Sunday inside the barracks of a training base used by the army’s Kfir Brigade near the town of Ro’i in the Jordan Valley, an IDF spokesperson said in an announcement Sunday morning.

A preliminary probe into the accident found that the explosion occurred after one soldier brought a grenade into the soldiers’ living quarters, in violation of army regulations, after he found it at a shooting range.

The soldier placed the grenade in a bag which he kept in his quarters.

After the bag was moved, the grenade exploded, though the reason why this set off the device remains unclear.

One soldier, later identified as 18-year-old Denis Zinoviev, was killed in the explosion, while three others were injured. The soldier was later identified as 18-year-old Denis Zinoviev.

Army medics were called to the scene to treat the injured soldiers, but were forced to declare the most seriously injured soldier dead on the scene, following failed efforts to resuscitate him.

Of the three other soldiers hit by the blast, one is listed in serious condition, while two others are in light condition.

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Military Police have launched a full investigation of the incident, and will report their findings to army prosecutors.