IDF troops thwart car ramming attack, terrorist killed

The IDF said a vehicle stopped initially and then suddenly accelerated towards a group of soldiers.


IDF soldiers operating in the Binyamin area on Monday night were successful in thwarting an apparent attempt by an Arab terrorist who tried to ram soldiers with his car.

The IDF stated the soldiers operating in the Arab village of Bir Naballah set up a checkpoint on a road to allow additional forces to operate in the area without vehicular traffic.

The troops at the checkpoint identified a vehicle that stopped and then suddenly accelerated towards another group of soldiers, which endangered the lives of troops on the scene, the IDF said.

The soldiers responded by firing at the car to thwart the threat.

The Palestinian Authority official WAFA agency reported that the driver was killed, and his wife, who was with him in the car, was injured in the back and is in stable condition.

Local sources identified the terrorist as Usama Sidqi Mansour, 42.

There were no Israeli casualties.