In UN speech, Israeli ambassador hints Israel would attack Iran

Gilad Erdan also accused the UN Security Council of derailing any chances for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

By World Israel News Staff

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan told the UN Security Council on Tuesday that “we will do whatever is necessary to stop Iran’s nuclear drive, and counter the threat from its armies of proxies, along our borders and beyond our borders.”

In his address, he made clear that “Israel favors a diplomatic solution” but that the country “can never and will never” allow Iran to become a nuclear threshold state.

The topic of the security council’s discussion was the Middle East. Erdan used his time during the platform to blast the council for not holding Palestinian leadership accountable for its actions and for derailing any efforts for peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

“Rather than helping to turn the vision of peace into a reality, these debates create an alternate and false reality,” Erdan said. “These biased debates give the Palestinians the illusion that they will never be held accountable for their crimes and that all of their radical demands could be granted by the international community.

“The unbalanced discussions only serve to strengthen Palestinian rejectionism of any further negotiations with Israel, thereby maintaining the conflict.”

He also accused the Palestinian ambassador of telling “lies” to the council and even addressed him directly.

“Are you not ashamed to come before the Security Council, when your government is paying
hundreds of millions of dollars to terrorists?” Erdan asked. “How can you possibly speak about aggression when your leaders and schools glorify the murder of Jews and incite terror?

“You dare talk about international law, when your courts have just sentenced two Palestinians to
fifteen years in prison for the ‘crime’ of trying to sell land to a Jew,” he continued. “Are you not embarrassed to speak about human rights while your police forces are beating to death real civil society activists?”

Erdan has served as Israel’s ambassador to the UN since August 2020. In his role, he has repeatedly called on the UN Security Council to condemn Iran.