‘Inside Israel, we have more than 10,000 suicide bombers,’ warns Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar

Hamas’s most recent rocket attacks on southern and central Israel were “just a general rehearsal. Al-Aqsa is a red line,” said the terror group’s leader in his first address since the ceasefire came into effect.

By World Israel News Staff

In his first public address since the 11-day Operation Guardian of the Walls ended, Yahya Sinwar, the Hamas leader in Gaza, said, “This is just a small maneuver for next time.”

“This was just a general rehearsal – al-Aqsa is a red line,” he said in a warning to Jews that the Temple Mount is an Islamic site.

(In fact, the Temple Mount is Judaism’s holiest site and Islam’s third-holiest, after Mecca and Medina.)

“The enemy and the world must know that this was just a general rehearsal – a small maneuver, which shows what could happen if Israel tries to harm al-Aqsa again.”

Sinwar congratulated the Israeli Arabs and eastern Jerusalem residents, who rioted and carried out attacks against Jews, for taking up the fight.

“Inside Israel, we have more than 10,000 suicide bombers – in case Israel tries to harm al-Aqsa,” who will each carry out a stabbing attack or car-ramming, he said.

Hamas “has the ability to launch hundreds of missiles per minute at ranges of 100 and 200 kilometers. We have more than 500 km of tunnels in the Gaza Strip – of which 100 km have been destroyed,” he said, adding that it would take only take a few days to repair.

“Hamas wanted to end the war by firing 300 missiles at Gush Dan [the greater Tel Aviv area],” but decided not to fire sue to the “intervention of Egypt, Qatar and international mediators.”

Contrary to what was said by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Benny Gantz and other Israeli security officials, Sinwar claimed that “the Israeli attacks did not reach the infrastructure of the factions in Gaza. We failed the plan to damage the resistance capabilities and destroy the tunnels…

“Israel’s plan for a victory ended in great failure…

“The occupation has failed to destroy the Hamas metro,” he said, referring to the terror tunnels. “The occupation did not achieve anything.”

Regarding the ceasefire, Sinwar said there is no agreement.

He also blasted U.S. Secretary of State Blinken, who is currently in the region, for trying to strengthen America’s partnership with the Palestinian Authority at Hamas’s expense. At a press briefing in Jerusalem Tuesday evening, Blinken promised a “significant contribution” towards rebuilding Gaza, saying that the Biden administration would work hard to “ensure that Hamas does not benefit from the reconstruction assistance.”

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Sinwar said Hamas has ample military assistance from other countries.