Insults fly after Israeli model named ‘most beautiful woman in the world’

Anti-Israel comments show up on social media after Yael Shelbia named world’s most beautiful woman in annual ranking.

By World Israel News Staff

Israeli model Yael Shelbia was named 2020’s most beautiful woman in the world, gaining plaudits for her looks, but also some nasty anti-Israel comments on her Instagram account and the YouTube channel of TC Candler that posted the annual list on Monday.

The YouTube video announcing the list has already received 1.3 million views and over 27 thousand comments, including some derogatory insults owing to Shelbia being Jewish and Israeli.

A person named Kim Rose posted in Arabic saying TC Candler’s choice of an Israeli showed “your taste is bad,” while another person posted: “What? This list is so incorrect. Also what is Israel? Include Palestinians too!”

But many of the more insulting comments, along with hundreds of warm congratulations from her fans, came on Shelbia’s Instagram account.

“By God, what are the Israelis, the beasts of the traitors, the thieves, who stole the lands of the Muslims and Jerusalem,” one person commented, with another posting “liberate Palestine” and another saying “your country does not exist. Palestine is the only legitimate country.”

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One person wrote, “now all Jewish girls will think they have the most beautiful face in the world.”

“I can’t believe that I am at the top of the list,” Shelbia told Israel Hayom. “Thank you to everyone who voted for me.”

Born Yael Shelbia Cohen, she uses her middle name as her professional surname, and except for being a sexy fashion model she grew up in a religious household and went to a religious high school and still maintains an Orthodox Jewish lifestyle, refusing to work on the Sabbath and eating only kosher food. During a four day photoshoot in Italy she reportedly ate only crackers because no other kosher food was available.

The world’s most beautiful faces list has been published annually by TC Candler since 1990 and claims that its list has garnered over 8 billion social media impressions and hundreds of millions of views, saying it is “widely considered to be the most internationally recognized and prestigious list of its kind.”

It was Shelbia’s fourth year in a row being nominated in the top 100, but the first time she was ranked the most beautiful face and TC Candler told her: “One of the easiest decisions we have ever had… Congratulations Yael. Enjoy it.”

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“Thank you @tccandler and all the voters. I appreciate it with all my heart!!” Shelbia said.