Iran errs, attacks cargo ship no longer owned by Israeli company

Israeli officials believe Iran was behind Saturday’s attack on the CSAV Tyndall.

By World Israel News Staff

Israeli officials believe that a fire which broke out on a cargo ship in the Indian Ocean was the result of an attack by Iran.

The CSAV Tyndall — previously owned by Israeli shipping tycoon Eyal Ofer — was traversing the Indian Ocean from the Saudi port of Jeddah to the United Arab Emirates when the fire broke out on Saturday. Mideast reports said Ofer’s Zodiac Maritime Ltd. sold the vessel months ago. The cargo ship was flying a Liberian flag and did not have an Israeli crew. No casualties were reported.

The fire was first reported by the pro-Hezbollah Lebanese TV station al-Mayadeen.

Israel and Iran have reportedly been striking each other’s shipping vessels. The Wall Street Journal reported in March that Israel had targeted at least 12 Iranian ships bound for Syria. Most were said to be carrying oil, in violation of international sanctions on Iran’s oil trade. Other ships were said to be carrying weapons for Hezbollah.

At least three commercial ships, the Helios Ray, the Lori and the Hyperion, all owned by or linked to Israel, were attacked near the Persian Gulf this year.

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Israel is widely believed to be responsible for retaliatory attacks on two Iranian vessels, the Saviz and the Kharg.

In April, the Saviz was severely damaged by a mine in the Red Sea, which, the New York Times reported, was placed by Israel. Officially listed as a cargo ship, the Saviz was known to be used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards for espionage and surveillance.

And in June, the Kharg, a fuel and supply ship as well as the Iranian Navy’s largest vessel, sank in the Straits of Hormuz after a fire broke out in its engine room.

In both cases, Iran did not formally blame Israel for the attacks, nor did Israeli officials comment.

Mideast reports also suggested the attack on the CSAV Tyndall may have been retribution for an attack on an Iranian nuclear site in June. A centrifuge production site in Karaj was damaged in a drone attack widely attributed to Israel.