Iran expelled from UN Commission on the Status of Women

“This resolution must receive the support of all of us, and whoever doesn’t support it is complicit in the oppression and murder of women,” said Israeli Ambassador Erdan ahead of the vote.

By World Israel News Staff

Amid several weeks of protests against the Islamic regime, led mainly by women, Iran was ousted Wednesday evening from the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women by a vote of 29-8; 16 countries abstained.

The eight countries that voted against the resolution, spearheaded by the U.S., were Bolivia, China, Kazakhstan, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Oman, Russia and Zimbabwe.

“Iran’s killing of Mahsa Amini and its blatant violations of women’s rights disqualify it from being a member of a committee that deals with women’s rights,” Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said in a statement following the outcome.

Amini was detained in September by Iran’s morality police for not wearing her hijab properly. She collapsed and died while in custody.

Ahead of the vote, Israel’s UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan urged the countries to vote for the resolution.

“We are here to address one of the lowest points of the UN’s institutionalized distortion…the fact that the worst women’s rights abuser in the world can hold a leadership position regarding women’s rights here at the UN…

“Iran should never have received a seat on the Commission on the Status of Women. This is only part of the moral distortion that has made the UN so impotent,” he stated.

“This resolution must receive the support of all of us, and whoever doesn’t support it is complicit in the oppression and murder of women…The regime in Iran represents the embodiment of evil, just as Hitler’s Nazi regime represented the embodiment of evil.

“Seeing as the international community refused to take action against the suffering of the Iranian people, the Iranian people decided to take their futures into their own hands,” Erdan continued. “We Israelis salute their bravery and view ourselves as true allies of the Iranian people.

“Yet what have we, the family of nations, done to support their cause? Where is our courage? Have we taken swift and severe action? Have we all made it clear that if the regime continues to execute protesters the international community will act against it? No, no, and no. It’s truly a disgrace…

“Just as negotiations in Vienna have not stopped Iran’s dangerous nuclear ambitions, debates here at the UN will not end the Ayatollah’s murderous brutality. It is our responsibility to take action – real action – and stand with the people of Iran. The Ayatollahs must understand that in these halls, they will no longer receive a free pass.

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“For every member state that is considering voting against Iran’s removal, I have one thing to say: the people of Iran are watching – the world is watching. Do not publicly disgrace yourselves by siding with evil. Such bigotry is not so easily forgotten.

“I urge all to vote in favor of this resolution. I truly hope that this is merely the international community’s first move towards the liberation of the Iranian people.”