Iran reveals underground ballistic missile facilities

Iran has revealed that underground ballistic missile facilities are hidden throughout the country,  just days after it conducted a ballistic missile test in possible violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

By: Lauren Calin, World Israel News
IRGC missile facility

Underground ballistic missile facility. (Fars News Agency)

Underground ballistic missile launchers are spread throughout Iran, according to images published by the country’s semi-official news agency. The revelation comes just days after Iran tested a new long-range, precision-guided ballistic missile, the Emad, possibly in violation of UN sanctions.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force released images of an underground facility buried 500 meters under a mountain. The facility houses the long-rage Qadr and Shahab ballistic missiles. The IRGC noted that there are numerous such facilities throughout the country, although no specific number was given.

Just days before, Iran tested the Emad ballistic missile, possibly in violation UN Security Council Resolution 1929. “This missile which has been fully designed and made by Iranian Defense Ministry’s scientists and experts is the country’ first long-range missile with navigation and strike-controlling capability; it is capable of hitting and destroying the targets with high-precision,” Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan told reporters after the test.

The ballistic missile program is one of Iran’s top military development priorities. Iran claims that the program is defensive, but regional states do not believe it. The country’s current arsenal is capable of hitting at least 2,000 km away, placing Israel, the Arab Gulf states, and much of Europe within firing range. Iran has provided missiles to Hezbollah for use against Israel. There are indications that the Gulf states are interested in purchasing Israel’s Iron Dome system to provide missile defense.

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