Iran says it foiled US attempts to ‘steal Iranian oil’ in Sea of Oman

U.S. forces used helicopters and warships to try and “steal Iranian oil” in the Sea of Oman, Iranian state TV reported. 

By Tobias Siegal, World Israel News

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has reportedly foiled an attempt by the U.S. Navy to seize Iranian oil in the Sea of Oman, according to Iranian state TV.

The reports noted that U.S. forces operating in the area were attempting to confiscate oil from an Iranian oil tanker. Iran’s IRGC reportedly foiled the attempt and managed to divert the tanker back toward Iran’s territorial waters.

Attempting to chase down the tanker, U.S. forces used helicopters and warships to try and “steal Iranian oil,” Iranian reports read, claiming that the attempt failed after IRGC speedboats intervened and caused U.S. forces to fall back.

And while Iran’s State TV promised to release footage of the incident, it later published an old video that has been circulating online for several weeks, raising questions about the authenticity of the initial report.

Reports of Iranian oil tankers being targeted have increased in recent weeks. On Tuesday, Iran’s IRSA news agency reported that an Iranian tanker was targeted by four pirate vassals in the Gulf of Aden, only two weeks after Iran reported that two of its vassals were attacked by pirates in the same area. However, no indication pointed to the involvement of U.S. forces in those incidents.

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In another incident that took place early October, Iran’s state TV reported that IRGC speedboats intercepted a U.S. vessel in the Persian Gulf.

On Friday, the U.S. hit Iran with a fresh set of sanctions ahead of key meetings between President Joe Biden and European leaders regarding the possible resumption of nuclear talks with the Islamic Republic.

The Middle East has been on edge over Iran’s escalating nuclear program. As part of the ongoing attempts by Gulf-states to combat Iran’s regional influence, Saudi Arabia has recently intensified its battle on Iranian proxies. Last week, Saudi Arabia expelled the Lebanese ambassador from the country and banned all imports from Lebanon, in part, over the growing influence of Hezbollah.


Associated Press contributed to this report.