Iran threatens to launch missiles at Haifa if Gaza airstrikes continue

Islamic Revolutionary Guards Commander warns Tehran is ready to strike Israeli ‘without hesitation.’

Susan Tawil, World Israel News

Iran threatened Monday to launch missiles at the northern Israeli city of Haifa if the IDF continues to carry out airstrikes against terrorist positions in the Gaza Strip.

Ali Fadavi, the Deputy Commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, spoke to students at the University of Tehran Monday morning, discussing possible Iranian intervention in the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel.

He said that Iran would launch missiles at Haifa “without hesitation” if necessary.

“Some of you young people consider practical action to be a direct missile to Haifa, of course, if it is necessary, this will be done, and it will be done without hesitation.”

In recent weeks, Fadavi has threatened a “shockwave by the resistance front” if Israel did not agree to an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

The “cancerous tumor” of the “Zionist regime” must be “eradicated from the world map,” he said.

Favadi also opined that the U.S. commitment to helping Israel was not sincere, and that the U.S. would “easily sacrifice” the Jewish state.

He also maintains that the IDF’s Iron Dome success rate is far lower than Israel claims, suggesting that the interception rate to be only 30%.

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The Israeli military claims the missile defense system has a 90% success rate.