Iran TV calls anti-Semitic Roger Waters a ‘political expert’

State-run Iran TV issues correction after labeling the well-known anti-Semitic musician a ‘political expert’

By Paul Shindman, World Israel News

The Iranian government controlled national television news on Tuesday issued a correction after a news interview with British musician Roger Waters labeled the anti-Israel activist as a “political expert.”

The IRIB television news broadcast showed an interview with Waters that was conducted by Russia’s RT television, asking the radical star of the rock band Pink Floyd what he thought of the U.S. presidential election.

While RT identified Waters as the “former Pink Floyd frontman,” Iranian TV introduced him as a “political analyst.”

Iranian-Finnish journalist Kambiz Ghafouri tweeted: “Maybe he should know that the Islamic Republic authorities banned his music in Iran for being ‘immoral western propaganda!’ for years,” while another person tweeted that it is “hard to believe nobody at IRIB knows who Waters is.”

In the RT interview, Waters railed against Biden, the United States and Israel, singling out President Donald Trump’s son in law and senior advisor Jared Kushner for a special insult.

“I’m pretty happy that that skinny piece of dog poopoo, Kushner, is no longer in the White House pretending to form foreign policy for the Middle East,” Waters told RT.

The well known anti-Semite said there was no difference in Trump or Biden when it came to Israel.

“Biden is a died-in-the-wool war mongering servant of the oligarchy that rules the United States of America … he’s not to be trusted on anything,” Waters said. “Do you think Joe Biden is gonna move the U.S. embassy back to Tel Aviv? Are you kidding? He’s made it quite clear that he’s the staunchest Zionist friend of Israel that could possibly be in office.”

In a later broadcast, IRIB corrected their mistake, describing Waters as someone with “activities in the field of socio-political music.”

Waters made headlines last September when he blamed Israel and the U.S. for the Iranian threat.

In an interview with The Real News Network on Sept. 24, 2019, Waters was asked about Iran’s lust for terror and abuse of human rights.

“This is just a story that’s being made up by the Israelis and the Americans in order to create more confusion and conflict in the Middle East,” Waters answered. “And also, if possible, at the behest of the Israeli government, to get America to wage war upon Iran in order to blunt Iran’s influence in the Middle East.

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Waters has been an active member of the BDS movement and during his concerts has featured anti-Semitic imagery, such as a large inflatable pig emblazoned with a Star of David.