‘Failed attack’: Iran’s appearance of power is just a mirage, says Saudi analyst

The ‘failed attack’ opens the door for a once-unthinkable military alliance of Israel and the moderate Arab states.

By Baruch Yedid, TPS

After attacking Israel directly for the first time and failing in such a high-profile way, Iran must prove to the Arab world that its appearance of power is no mirage, a prominent Saudi commentator said.

“Now we will know if Iran is really an empire, or if it is just a country like any other country. Maybe we will find out that it is just a militia like Hamas,” Abdel Aziz Al Khamis told The Press Service of Israel.

“In the Arab world and in Iran, we’re hearing words of ridicule for the poor capability of Iran’s missiles,” Khamis said.

“Some of them fell victim to electric cables in Iraq, while others fell as fragments in Jordanian territory and are already being sold at auctions via the Internet,” which he said does not convey power.

“Saturday night’s attack is much more reminiscent of the failed attack by Saddam Hussein who fired missiles at Israel,” Khamis told TPS-IL.

He was referring to the Gulf War of 1991 when Iraq fired Scud missiles at Israel. Two Israelis were killed and 28 buildings were destroyed despite fears of more widespread destruction.

The barrages failed to elicit Israeli retaliation, which Saddam hoped would break up the international coalition countering his invasion of Kuwait.

According to the Israel Defense Forces, of the approximately 320 drones and missiles launched, 99% were intercepted.

While most of the UAVs were shot down by American, Jordanian, British and French forces, the Arrow-3 system shot down the ballistic missiles at high altitudes.

Khamis said the Arab world has taken note of Israel’s multilayered missile defense system and the results it delivered.

“In the face of the Iranian failure, Israel, along with other countries, has demonstrated a very impressive ability to defend its airspace against missile attacks,” Khamis told TPS-IL, adding that this opens the door for a once-unthinkable military alliance of Israel and the moderate Arab states.

“There is no doubt that the peoples of the region, including Israel, understand that only peace is the solution, and that’s the only way to stand against extreme Islam, against the Iranians and against the Muslim Brotherhood,” he insisted.

“The time has come for the Arab peoples to realize that there is no more room for calls to throw the Jews into the sea and that regional alliances must be made.”

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