What’s in Tehran’s arsenal?

A comprehensive breakdown of Iran’s weapon arsenal.

By Assaf Golan, JNS

Escalating tensions between Israel and Iran, exacerbated by the killing of a senior Revolutionary Guard commander Hassan Mahadavi, have raised the question of how the Islamic Republic could attack the Jewish state.

The Iranians have several direct and indirect means at their disposal to carry out a painful blow that would reverberate in Jerusalem. We have focused on the ways Iran could directly target Israel.


• Dezful—Range 1,000 km. (620 miles), can carry 450-600 kg. (990-1,320 pounds) of explosives.
• Shahab-3—Range 1,300 km. (810 miles), can carry 750-1,000 kg. (1,650-2,200 pounds) of explosives.
• Qhadr—Range 1,600 km. (990 miles), can carry 750 kg. (1,650 pounds) of explosives.
• Ahmad—Range 1,800 km. (1,120 miles), can carry 750 kg. (1,650 pounds) of explosives.
• Fath-1—Range 1,400 km. (870 miles), explosive payload unknown.

Numerous other missiles, including the Khorramshahr 1, 2, 4; Soleimani; Haibar; Sajjil; Samat; Hoveizeh; Paveh; Safir; Simorgh; Qased; Zalzaleh; Qaem-100; and various Shahid models with ranges from 1,000 to 6,000 km. (620 to 3,730 miles) and payloads up to 1,500 kg. (3,300 pounds).

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• Su-24—Range 2,775 km. (1,725 miles), carries a wide range of missiles and bombs, considered highly maneuverable with stealth capabilities.
• Saegheh—Iranian fighter jet claimed to have a 3,000-km. (1,860-mile) range and carry advanced missiles/radar.
• Shafaq—Attack aircraft based on Russian MiG design, details scarce.

Other threats

• Propaganda efforts to sow discord among the Israeli public.
• Remote recruitment of Israeli citizens for espionage through deception or willingly.
• Cyberattacks to disrupt critical infrastructure such as health, water, energy, transport.
• Theft of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin.
• Defacement of Israeli websites.
• Attacks on Israeli/Jewish targets abroad, similar to the 1994 AIMA community center bombing in Buenos Aires.
• Missile strikes by Iranian-backed Shia militias in Syria.
• Terrorist attacks within Israel via infiltration from Syria or Lebanon.
• Strikes by Houthi rebels in Yemen against Israeli shipping.