Iron Sting: Israel debuts munition that will ‘revolutionize ground warfare’

“The technology made available to the IDF by Israeli industries changes the battlefield,” said Defense Minister Benny Gantz.

By World Israel News Staff

Israel successfully tested Iron Sting, a ‘networked precision fire system,’ the IDF announced on Sunday.

Iron Sting is a 120 mm mortar munition that employs laser and GPS to engage targets accurately and prevent collateral damage.

The announcement signals that trials have been conducted successfully, concluding the system’s development. The completion of testing enables the start of serial production ahead of the system’s supply to the IDF.

Tests were carried out using two networked “Cardom” mortar systems developed by Elbit: a “Cardom” system, mounted on an M113 APC and a “Cardom Spear” mounted on a Hummer 4X4 SUV.

The Iron Sting is designed to engage targets precisely, in both open terrains and urban environments, while reducing the possibility of collateral damage and preventing injury to non-combatants. Its operational use will revolutionize ground warfare and equip battalions with organic, accurate and effective firepower.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz said, “The technology made available to the IDF by Israeli industries changes the battlefield and provides our forces with more accurate and effective means.

“The integration of ‘Iron Sting’ in the IDF corresponds to the vision presented in the military’s ‘Tnufa’ multi-year plan. It also fulfills the IDF’s needs, adapting combat capabilities to contend with enemies hidden within civilian, urban environments, while meeting the legal and moral standards set by the State of Israel.”

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Brig. Gen. Yaniv Rotem, who heads research and development in the Department of Defense R&D, said: “Ten years of research and development have led us to this moment when we can provide the IDF’s ground forces with advanced capabilities made for the modern battlefield.

“This laser and GPS-guided mortar munition provides troops with a precise firing capability that has only been implemented in missiles and air munition thus far. This is a very complex program and a groundbreaking system on the international level.”

Col. Arik Avivi, head of the weapons department in the IDF’s ground forces, said, “The Ground Forces command is leading the process of integrating the ‘Iron Sting’ into the IDF.

“This precise guided mortar munition is groundbreaking for IDF battalions, equipping them with accurate and organic firepower. This capability has so far been reserved to large and complex missiles. Thanks to this impressive technological development, it will now be implemented in mortar munitions on a wide scale.”