Is ‘Quran Barbie’ coming to America?

A Quran-quoting, hijab-sporting Barbie look-alike recently hit the shelves in Saudi Arabia. Is the Islamic doll on its way to America?

For over half a century, young girls across the globe have treasured Barbie dolls. The classic toy is now available in a variety of styles, ethnicities, and nationalities.

Western-style Barbies, however, will now face competition from a new version of the classic doll, which sports Muslim garb, including a “hijab” head covering. The doll, which is called “Jenna the Quran Teacher,” is being sold by a United Arab Emirates-based (UAE) company, which is sourcing the dolls from a Chinese factory.

While Teen Talk Barbie asks questions such as, “Will we ever have enough clothes?” and “Wanna have a pizza party?”, Jenna recites four verses from the Quran. In fact, the doll’s ability to train young girls to repeat these verses is one of the primary selling points touted in a YouTube video advertising the doll.

Doll Promotes ‘Quranic and Islamic Values’

The doll was developed by a mother, then living in France, who claims the doll was such a hit among her Muslim neighbors that she decided to move to Dubai to develop it into a marketable product, reported UAE-based The National.

The product’s creator told The National that she had the doll’s skin darkened and make-up removed, but in images available online Jenna appears to have the same heavy mascara, lipstick, and manicured eyebrows that Barbie sports.

Currently, the doll is available in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and Oman. According to the Jenna Toys website, “Our Vision is to, Insha’Allah, be an exemplary platform for young Muslims providing education of the highest standards enhanced by Quranic and Islamic values.”

Whether or not the Quran-quoting doll will be available in the US, or other Western nations, any time soon remains to be seen.

By: Ezra Stone, World Israel News