ISIS bomber mistakenly kills 12 terrorists

Two botched suicide bombings in Iraq killed more than a dozen ISIS terrorists.

An Islamic State (ISIS) suicide bomber accidentally killed 12 other terrorists. His belt exploded as they were bidding him farewell before he embarked on his lethal mission.

The UK’s Daily Mail on Tuesday quoted Iraqi media reports saying that the incident occurred in Dyliala, Iraq, during what ISIS had described as a “blood party,” where suicide bombers are given a final good-bye before “martyrdom.”

Earlier in the week, several ISIS commanders were killed at a different location in Iraq after one of the group’s suicide bombers blew himself up at a meeting in response to the terrorists’ losing ground in Mosul.

The bombings came as ISIS was facing defeat in their last major stronghold in Mosul, with the terror group’s numbers depleted and trapped in an area of about one square kilometer in the Old City.

There have been 80 suicide bombings by ISIS in the past four days, according to the BBC, and with the terror group facing extinction in Mosul, it appears their motive has now turned to taking as many casualties as they can along with them, the Mail says.

Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed al-Tamim, a member of Iraq’s police force, said that ISIS terrorists never turn themselves in, “and if they don’t get killed, their last option is to blow themselves up and commit suicide.”

ISIS fighters have tried repeatedly to slow the advance of Iraqi forces by carrying out suicide attacks.

By: World Israel News Staff