ISIS executes hundreds of civilians, including children, in Mosul

ISIS may opt to kill innocent civilians rather than see them liberated by coalition forces, says the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

As the fighting rages on in Iraq, Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist fighters murdered hundreds of civilians, including children, on Friday in the city of Mosul, reports indicate.

CNN, quoting an Iraqi intelligence source, said ISIS executed 284 men and boys after rounding them up from nearby villages and using them as human shields against the Iraqi forces.

The bodies were reportedly dumped in a mass grave, the source said.

“There is a grave danger that [ISIS] fighters will not only use…people as human shields, but may opt to kill them rather than see them liberated,” said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein.

If captured, these terrorists “should be held accountable in accordance with the law for any crimes they have committed,” he added.

By: World Israel News Staff