ISIS terrorist planned attack at pro-Israel rally in Germany

Dual German-Egyptian citizen with ties to ISIS arrested in Germany after he planned ramming attack at pro-Israel event.

Susan Tawil, World Israel News

An ISIS terrorist who planned to attack a pro-Israel event in Germany has been arrested, local authorities announced.

A tip from foreign intelligence led to the arrest Tuesday, October 24 of Tarik S. (last name not disclosed) in Essen, Germany.

Based on credible evidence, authorities believe the man planned to kill Jews by ramming a truck through an upcoming pro-Israel rally.

The 29 year old German-Egyptian national had a record of pro-Islamist activity, and was sentenced in juvenile court in 2017 to five years of prison for membership in a terrorist group.

In 2013, Tarik S. traveled through Turkey to Syria to join the Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS).

Authorities have been following Tarik S. for a long time.

He evidently considered attacks on police and other sites in the last few weeks.

His home was searched when he was arrested.

A neighbor said that “the man was always friendly, but (I noticed) he was awake all night and (he seemed to be) building something. It was loud until the morning.”

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According to Der Spiegel and Bild newspapers, police were informed by foreign intelligence that the suspect was active on the Internet, searching for pro-Israeli rallies and surfing jihadist sites. Bild reported Tarik S. posting that he wanted to die as a martyr.

Intelligence said he planned to drive a truck through a pro-Israel demonstration in North Rhine-Westphalia that was protesting Hamas atrocities in the current Gaza war against Israel.

The intelligence information, coupled with the man’s previous criminal record, led police to believe Tarik S. was planning an imminent attack, and he was arrested under the German Risk Prevention Act.

He is now under investigation.