Israel-China cooperation is ‘a marriage made in heaven’

Bilateral cooperation in the field of high tech between Israel and China is a “marriage made in heaven,” Netanyahu stated in Beijing.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu encouraged a partnership in technological advancement with China on Monday during an official state visit to Beijing.

“The way to go up and up and up is to constantly improve your products and services and utilities with technology,” Netanyahu said during a meeting between Israeli and Chinese business leaders on Monday.

“(Israel) is your perfect junior partner for that effort,” Netanyahu continued. “We think there are only two such concentrations of technology in the world for the moment, and we are one of them.”

Netanyahu, who was traveling with the largest-ever Israeli delegation to that country, said that Israel and China will agree upon a number of arrangements in bilateral cooperation in the high-tech sector.

“We’re going to sign with the government in the coming days a series of agreements on how we can pursue this cooperation, how we can help China in its plans and how China of course can enable us to participate in its great projects,” he said. “I believe this is a marriage made in heaven.”

By: Jonathan Benedek, World Israel News


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