Israel enables entry of new cars into Gaza

Although Hamas is known to confiscate goods entering the Gaza Strip from Israel in order to use them for terrorism purposes, Israel has recently been working to ease the restrictions, this time deciding to allow new cars in.

Israel is enabling the importation of new cars into the Gaza Strip for the first time in nine years since Hamas’ violent takeover of the Strip in 2007.

Israel Radio reported that an agreement on the matter was reached between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA).

New cars and small trucks are allowed into the Palestinian coastal enclave via the Erez crossing.

Israel has recently been working to ease the restriction on allowing goods into Gaza. Israel places limitations on what can be imported into Gaza for fear that it will be utilized by Hamas to build its terror infrastructure and build its army against Israel.

Until this point, cars have entered the Gaza market through the smuggling tunnels running from Gaza into the Sinai Peninsula.