Israel fears Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar escaped to Egypt with hostages – report

The Saudi Elaph news site cited Israeli officials as saying the terror chief fled with other senior members via the tunnels in Rafah.

By World Israel News Staff

Israeli authorities have information that suggests that Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip Yahya Sinwar recently fled to Egypt along with his brother Mohammad and other senior Hamas operatives through the tunnels in Rafah, the Saudi Elaph news site reported on Tuesday.

There are also fears that Sinwar took Israeli hostages with him.

The IDF spokesperson has declined to comment on the report.

The Elaph website, which is based in London, has featured opinion pieces by senior Israeli officials and routinely cited “Israeli sources” in the past.

The outlet was the first to report on secret negotiations for a hostage deal between Qatar and Israeli officials in December.

The IDF recently released footage of Sinwar in a tunnel, flanked by his children and his wife. The terror chief appeared to be in good health.

Sinwar originally operating out of Hamas headquarters in northern Gaza before relocating to the tunnels under Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip early in the war, taking advantage of the humanitarian corridor opened by the IDF to facilitate the safe transit of Gazan civilians from Gaza City.

In December, the Israeli military published a video of Sinwar’s brother driving through a Gaza tunnel.

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Israel media reported that Sinwar has cut off communication with Hamas for weeks as he seeks to avoid capture by Israeli forces.