‘Israel has no future if Hamas remains in Gaza’ – Netanyahu

German chancellor says his country stands with Israel – but demands action to prevent ‘starvation’ in Gaza.

By World Israel News Staff

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Sunday that there will be no future for peace, or the State of Israel, if Hamas remains intact in the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu hosted German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Sunday at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem.

Following a meeting with Scholz, who led a German delegation to Israel for a state visit, Netanyahu addressed reporters, saying that he and the German chancellor had agreed on the need to eliminate the Hamas terrorist organization, saying that there could be no future for peace or for the State of Israel, so long as Hamas remains in the Gaza Strip.

“We also agree that Hamas has to be eliminated. We cannot have a future for Gaza, a future for peace, a future for Israel if Hamas, a terrorist organization committed to our genocide, remains intact.”

“If it remains intact, it will regroup and reconquer the Gaza Strip and, as they vowed, repeat the massacre again and again and again.”

“On Thursday, I met families of hostages. One of the hostages, a woman, told me that her captors, she was there with her children, and we got her out.”

“She said the Hamas captor who held her hostage said to her: You know, you’re going back now. I suggest you go. Go anywhere, go to California, leave Israel because we will do next time ten times what we did to you now. And after that, even more.”

“So, we cannot have this genocidal organization that murdered over a thousand Israelis, we cannot have them in power. We cannot have peace if Hamas is there. Hamas has to be eliminated for any possibility of peace and progress.”

During the press briefing, Scholz lamented the Israelis murdered and taken captive on October 7th, and declaring Germany’s support for Israel.

“In these dark hours, my country stands with the people of Israel. From day one, our message has been clear: Israel has the right to defend itself against the terror of Hamas and all hostages have to be released. This cruel crime must end now.”

At the same time, Scholz said his country would “not stand by and watch” as Gazans “risk starvation. That’s not us, that is not what we stand for. Much more humanitarian aid is needed.”

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After a meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog Sunday, Scholz reiterated his concerns over aid to Gaza.

“There is still a lot of things to do, because we need more aid, more humanitarian aid getting there. This is a question and we have to find ways to cooperate to make it happen that none are starving, that medical aid is getting there.”

“And it is also important that we discuss about the future, giving the people, the Palestinian people, some hope that there could be a future where they can regulate themselves, where it is feasible to work for their own state and something that is in good partnership with Israel as a state in the region – which I think is an essence that no one is putting into doubt.”

“Israel is a state that has to be safe, and we will support Israel living in peace and will work for the safety of Israel as much as we can.”