Israeli jets pound Hamas infrastructure after balloon attacks

Israel targeted Hamas terror infrastructure after explosive balloons were launched at Israel.

By World Israel News Staff

After explosive balloons were launched from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory early Sunday, IDF fighter jets targeted a number of Hamas terror targets in the southern Gaza Strip.

Among the targets struck were a weapons manufacturing site and a military compound in which posts used for collection purposes were located.

The IDF says it views any kind of terror activity aimed at Israel with great severity and will continue operating as necessary against attempts to harm its civilians.

“The Hamas terror organization is responsible for all events transpiring in the Gaza Strip and emanating from it, and will bear the consequences for its actions against Israeli civilians,” the IDF said.

Explosive balloons are becoming more sophisticated, Israel Hayom reports on Sunday.

They are also being found further afield, causing concern among Israel’s population that Gaza terrorists have found a way to extend the range of the explosive devices. But a security official tells the Israeli daily that the the balloons are landing further due to the unique wind conditions and nothing more.

The terrorist method is “send and forget,” the official said. “They send many dozens of balloon clusters, and each time connected to the bundle is a different explosive device – one time it’s a book, one time it’s a soccer ball and one time it’s an exposed explosive device, in the hope that one of them will cause damage to people and property.”

Arab reports say that the balloons launched by terrorists from Gaza are fixed with a stronger incendiary mixture than the incendiary balloons previously launched toward Israel.

Similarly, the explosive devices are “upgraded” and equipped with elements to increase casualties among the civilian population, the sources say.