Israel only missing ‘concentration camps’ in treatment of unvaccinated – Likud MK

Israel is acting like Austria, according to the MK, a country which recently imposed a lockdown on the unvaccinated in its borders.

By World Israel News staff

Israel is only missing “concentration camps” with regards to how it treats the unvaccinated, Likud MK Gadi Yevarkan said during a Sunday meeting on coronavirus regulations, Israeli media reported.

The comment was made during Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee meeting led by its chairman Gilad Kariv (Labor) while discussing funding for quarantine hotels and green-pass regulations.

The Likud MK made his remarks after Kariv asked him to stop interrupting coronavirus commissioner Prof. Salman Zarka.

Yevarkan responded: “You cannot take away my right to speak, I will stop when I want, you cannot tell me to shut up.”

He added that, “You are acting like Austria, all that is missing is concentration camps.”

Austria, a country which has one of the lowest rates of vaccination in Western Europe, recently imposed a lockdown for the non-vaccinated in its country. The decision was made in November when only 65% of the country had been inoculated.

Kariv shortly thereafter ordered Yevarkan to be evicted from the meeting. He said that Yevarkan’s reference to the Holocaust is “despicable and disgusting, and cannot be used in the context of the Israeli government.”

Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz later said on Twitter that Yevarkan’s “words border on Holocaust denial and are a disgrace to the victims and survivors.”

This is not the first time Yevarkan has made a controversial comment regarding the pandemic.

He confronted Horowitz two months ago and said that he was “close to rebelling against the Health Ministry” and would “refuse the third vaccine in light of the persecution of the unvaccinated.

At the time, Horowitz responded and called him irresponsible.